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Well, it's that time of the year again! That time when, after weeks of hard work, we just want to stop for a moment and enjoy the fruits of this work. And be proud! And share everything with you all!

So, we are happy to introduce our latest collection! The Butterfly Effect Collection is about fragility and change. Fascinated by the powerful symbolism of the butterfly, the designer Mihaela Dulgheru has found her inspiration in this concept stating that "small causes can have larger effects". The message of the collection is that change and transformation are natural processes throughout our lives and we should embrace them, as they help us move through different life cycles and evolve into better versions of ourselves. The playfulness of every piece in this collection sends a positive vibe that we should not be afraid of change, instead we should find the joy in our lives and the lightness of being. The colours are carefully chosen, gravitating between the emotional pink, with its empathy and sensitivity, and the energy and enthusiasm of the marigold. White, the colour of purity, is linking all the pieces together, as one of the meanings of the butterfly is the world of the soul. 

Visit our flagship RoLand store in the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel or browse the collection online. Share this happy moment with us and indulge yourself with these delicate pieces of our story!

Fashion for Modern Fairies!

You know what, I think we all are the modern Fairies! Each and every one of us can work wonders! We work wonders at home, as wives and mothers, juggling between breakfast, school, private lessons with the kids, dinner and ... husband! We work wonders at our jobs, taking in responsibilities and management positions, with our dedication and perseverance! We [...]

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A dress to fall in love with this season!

I believe that each and every one of us should have in our closet at least one dress that is versatile enough to be worn throughout the entire day, from the office to an after work party. All it should take would be a few simple styling tricks - slight accessories’ changes and a shoe swap (ankle boots to [...]

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We are launching our new Capsule Collection (Cruise 2016)!

We are so happy to announce that we have launched our latest Capsule Collection (Cruise 2016) - STARDUST!!Based on round and fluid forms built around a unitary structure, this collection is seen as a metaphor of the bright, happy moments, so delicate and ephemeral, which wrap us in their glittering traces, just like a stardust, turning us into [...]

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Welcome to our new online store!

I profoundly live my passions. I live through them, they become an important part of my life. Maybe this is why most of them do not last for long, because I live them too intensely. But they unavoidably leave traces. Back to my adolescence days, I was so very passionate about the old Hollywood movies…you know, those movies that [...]

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Welcome to LRM Mihaela Dulgheru's online shop! Before placing an order, please carefully read the About the shop information.

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