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Our inspirational women

If you want to be inspired by real and authentic women, you should read these stories. They are the feminine universe in a nutshell, demonstrating how one can be beautiful inside and out irrespective of what life throws at her. 

These women have enriched our life with their light and energy whilst elegantly wearing their hearts on their sleeves in LRM outfits. More importantly, they have shaped our creative vision to what LRM is today! 
Check out their inspirational stories. Let these positive lessons and values inspire all of us to become a better version of ourselves.
Thank you for being part of our story,
Mihaela Dulgheru - Creative Director
This is a work-in-progress page. We will update it constantly so be sure to check it regularly.

ADRIANA PETRESCU - psychologist, 46 years old  

''If I were to define myself using only 3 words, I would chose, for any of the 3 words, life!'' Read more... 



IZABELA IOVITA - entrepreneur, 37 years old 

''I do not have any age related issues, I fully enjoy and live every moment'' Read more... 



 MIHAELA GHEORGHE - inspector, 50 years old 

''I am grateful to God for what I am and what I discover every moment about me'' Read more... 



OANA BULMAGA -  communication and fundraising coordinator, 29 years old

 ''Each and everyone of us is influencing the world around!'' Read more... 



MADALINA RANDASU - communication manager, 39 years old

''I have survived cancer. Twice in this life!'' Read more... 



MIHAELA DULGHERU - fashion designer, 39 years old

''LRM is my dream, my declaration of independence from all the constraints and prejudices surrounding me and my contribution to a more beautiful and better world!'' Read more... 




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